You’ve been searching the world over for that great coffee flavor without all the caffeine. And like us, you’ve likely had a lot of trouble finding it. But your search ends here today with our delicious fair trade, organic, water-processed decafs.

Our decaf coffees are different. Just as natural and organic as all our other coffees, we carefully choose our decaf coffee with the same high standards we use for our regular coffees. All our decaf coffees are naturally-processed without chemicals, using a multi-step decaffeination process that takes 97% of the caffeine away but leaves 100% of the aroma and flavor in the bean. Still one of coffee’s best-kept secrets, there are only a couple places in the world who decaffeinate coffee using the water-processing method.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not – choose your favorite Silver Bridge coffee in its decaffeinated form, or try our Decaffeinated Sampler Pack!

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