Giving Back

Café Femenino

I began Silver Bridge Coffee in 2008 when the oldest of my 5 children went to college and my youngest went to kindergarten. I heard about Café Femenino at a coffee conference in 2009. I knew I wanted to support this organization. It took me over a year to put aside enough capital to purchase a pallet of Café Femenino Peru coffee. We now order almost 23,000 lbs of Café Femenino Peru annually.

We are very aware that this growth is because of our customers who choose to purchase Silver Bridge Coffee and we are so thankful for you. I did not realize when I began roasting coffee in 2008 that roasting coffee in the United States is a very male dominated career. Believe me, I have my “stories” of inequality personally and have had to struggle to build my business and gain respect from other male coffee roasters and coffee shop owners. I believe these struggles contribute to my desire to support the Café Femenino foundation and the women in Peru who are struggling to better their lives and the lives of their children.

We love all the Café Femenino Foundation projects, but Silver Bridge Coffee has chosen to fund the early childhood centers in two regions of Peru. When the project began in 2013 one of its primary goals was to address the nutrition needs of young children. At the time the number of children with malnutrition exceeded 40%.

Café Femenino Foundation

Here is what the money donated to the early childhood centers supports:

  • Parents receive education on proper use of foods with higher nutritional values
  • Parents are educated in techniques to stimulate their children using psychomotor activities
  • Funds support a traveling nurse who visits the schools and monitors the height and weight of the children and checks lunchboxes for nutrition
  • Children are given toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and wash clothes
  • Children are supplied with crayons, glue, paper and lunchboxes
  • Children are given mats for the floor where they sit and play in each center

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to give back because of our loyal customers who choose to wake up each morning to a cup of Silver Bridge Coffee. Although 2020 has been a year of struggle, we are blessed in so many ways. We hope that you join us in excitement for this opportunity to give back.

Café Femenino Foundation
Café Femenino Foundation
Café Femenino Foundation

If you would like more information about the Café Femenino foundation or wish to make an additional donation visit CF Foundation Online.

Buckeye Military Mom Chapter 9

Silver Bridge Coffee is happy to partner with the Buckeye Military Mom Chapter 9 of the Blue Star Mothers of America. They support all branches of the military. We met them several years ago and each time they send out packages to our active military they reach out for coffee to include in the packages.

Silver Bridge Coffee has been a long time partner with Buckeye Military Moms. They have provided countless pounds of their coffee for our “We Care” boxes that we send to deployed members of our military. Their coffee has been sent all over the world to units in austere circumstances, to service members on the ground and in the air, to peace keeping details, to crews on and under the water. Coffee is always a welcome addition to any care package and is a great morale booster.

Diana Vance President

We were privileged to meet one of our veterans who received coffee while serving. We are happy to have partnered with them for over 5 years and look forward to many more years.