About Us

As a hobby, Lorraine and Phil Walker started roasting coffee in a popcorn popper in their kitchen. They shared samples with friends and family near their home in Gallipolis, Ohio. Everyone raved about their “special brew” and many encouraged them to start roasting and selling it to the public. In 2008, Silver Bridge Coffee was born and it remains a proud woman-owned Ohio and family supported business.

Lorraine is a Level 2 Certified Roaster with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and is an active member of the Roasters Guild. Silver Bridge Coffee is a member of the SCAA.

Governor Kasich’s administration appointed Lorraine to Ohio’s Small Business Advisory Council. She is also a member of The National Association of Women Business Owners.

Lorraine is a supporter of other women-owned and -run businesses. She sells several varieties of Café Femenino. The Café Femenino Foundation provides grants for women and their families in coffee-producing countries such as Peru, Columbia and Guatemala. In 2020 Silver Bridge Coffee partnered with the Café Femenino Foundation to fully fund 13 early childhood centers in Peru.

About Silver Bridge Coffee

Silver Bridge imports the finest Fair Trade and organic coffee from all over the world. Freshness is key to optimal coffee flavor, so Silver Bridge goes from roaster to coffee cup in the shortest amount of time. Handwritten roast dates are on the back of every bag we sell at many of our stores. 

Silver Bridge carefully chooses select Arabica Beans. They roast in small batches and produce a line of popular specialty blends including (614) Blend and Buckeye Breakfast Buzz, and cutting-edge flavored coffees that use the most natural flavoring system available. Silver Bridge Coffees are sold at 100+ major grocery stores throughout Ohio including Kroger, Giant Eagle and Meijer, as well as in independent grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries. Silver Bridge supports local farming and has a regular booth at area farmers markets.

Silver Bridge is the first company in Ohio to offer 100% recyclable Single Serve Pods. We fill our own single serve pods and the proprietary cups have a seal that acts as a valve so we can fill our pods within 24 hrs after roasting. 

Free Shipping to your door on orders of $50 or more.