How to Make Cold Brew on Facebook Live

Well, that was fun. We just did a Facebook Live video, demonstrating how to make cold brew coffee in your kitchen. Silver Bridge Coffee has the best Cold Brewed Coffee Beans.

Now normally, the idea of live television gives us more jitters than downing an entire pot of Sumatra Coffee in the middle of the afternoon. But this was easy, relaxed, like having a friend over and discussing what we all love: organic coffee and new ways to make it.

Cold brew coffee is often referred to as iced coffee in the coffee shop. But it’s different from what your grandmother made. Her iced coffee was probably taking old coffee leftovers that had been sitting in the pot for hours and putting it in the fridge, drowning it in cream, ice and plenty of sugar.

The Cold Refreshing Difference of Cold Brew

Cold brew is a whole different world. With cold brew, the coffee is never heated or boiled. As Silver Bridge Coffee’s Founder and Owner Lorraine Walker explains, it creates a completely different flavor of coffee.

Make it with a French press and save on gadgets. A French press is also great for making a richer, fuller hot coffee in the winter.

Room temperature water is mixed with coffee grounds, stirred with a spoon for total immersion. Attach the lid, but don’t plunge. Then put it in the fridge and wait 12 hours, which Walker jokingly calls the hardest part.

After 12 hours, don’t stir again. Simply plunge and you’ve made a cold brew concentrate that can last for a few days in your fridge.

The result? A sweeter tasting coffee, perfect for sipping on hot summer days. Cold brew coffee lacks the bitterness typically associated with traditional hot coffee. Cool it down further with some coffee ice cubes (take the ends of a pot and pour it over an ice cube tray reserved for this purpose, then freeze). It’s a refreshing and alternative way to enjoy organic coffee. It’s perfect especially for enjoying later in the day when you need a refreshing way to caffeinate your afternoon.

So enjoy the video. Like it if you love it. Stop by the Worthington Farmers Market, the Clintonville Farmers Market, the Grove City Farmers Market, or the Athens Farmers Market, and tell us how it worked. We’d love to talk coffee with you.