Silver Bridge Wholesale Coffee Partnerships Explained

Specialty coffee is a growing trend in the restaurant industry. The consumer expects a coffee shop quality cup of coffee to accompany their meal or desserts. With many restaurant chains offering coffee drinks it is obvious that the trend isn’t limited to cities anymore. In fact, daily consumption of espresso has nearly tripled since 2008, and gourmet coffee consumption has soared from 13% to 36% among 18-24-year-olds, and from 19% to 41% for those age 25-39, according to the 67th National Coffee Drinking Trends report from the National Coffee Association. The good news? Partnering with a wholesale coffee distributor has never been easier.

You can work with a wholesale distributor like Silver Bridge coffee and still get a unique coffee blend that’s personalized to your brand and business. A locally family run business ourselves, we love helping local businesses succeed. We work to keep our minimum costs low to keep your costs down. We provide professional brew analysis so you get a special coffee blend that stands up to premier coffee shops whose coffee sells for at least $3 a cup. We also provide espresso training and vendor referrals. Let our small business help your small business succeed with an Ohio roasted coffee specially roasted to your tastes and clientele.

Our staff has been professionally trained by the Specialty Coffee Association. Our beans are selectively handpicked for their quality from small family farms in South America. You are getting the freshest beans of the highest quality to represent your business.

Low Cost, Fresh Taste, Low Minimum Orders

Silver Bridge offers wholesale coffee partnerships to businesses. We strive to keep our minimums low so your coffee tastes the freshest. We feature the finest Arabica coffee, roasted to perfection. We also feature a low minimum order of 5 pounds per blend or 10 pounds total for shipment, ideal for every size business from small town to larger chains. If you want a blend or flavored coffee specifically for your restaurant or coffee shop, ask us about private labeling.

We select the finest Arabica beans and roast them in small batches. All our signature blends are delivered as fresh as possible, with handwritten roast dates on the back of every bag.