Sumatra Coffee: The Flavors of an Indonesian Rainforest in a Cup

Like your coffee smooth and full bodied? Silver Bridge’s Sumatra Coffee satisfies with the richness of roasted caramel and just a hint of chocolate indulgence. By far our most popular single origin coffee, this coffee’s syrupy fire roasted essence captures the allure of tropical jungles. Elegant yet exotic, our Sumatra’s earthy tones are smooth to the palate without the acidity, leaving the palate with full embodied herbaceous tones rich in complexity and temptation.

Rainforest Overtones Stem from Extensive Drying

The rich flavors of Sumatra coffee beans are due to the wet hulling process in which they are grown. It is a natural processing method with a more extensive drying time, which imbues the flavor with spicy earthy tones and aromas. You are left with a coffee that tastes like a rainforest fresh from a thunderstorm, an aroma that tempts your sensations with bold promises of spicy beginnings.

It’s a special coffee. Try a cup. One sip, and we think you’ll agree- there’s the flavor of Indonesia sunshine in every pot.

Silver Bridge’s coffee beans are carefully selected, organic, and freshly roasted from our roaster to your cup. We roast in small batches and use only the highest quality beans, freshly shipped to deliver you the finest product. We guarantee this is no ordinary coffee.