The Steel French Press: The Solution to All of Life’s Problems

The best coffee is made by a French press, no more argument to be made. Grind those organic coffee beans down, let it steep for 10 minutes, and you’ve got a great coffee as rich as the earth. Do it right, and you’ve practically got yourself a whole pot of espresso.

But let’s face it. Any French press’s days are numbered. And inevitably yours will come up, quite possibly on an otherwise gorgeous Saturday morning when you’ve got a houseful of guests.

Absolutely tragic is what it is. Shakespeare likely wept rivers of ink over the death of his first French press. I wouldn’t be surprised if King Lear was first inspired by a shattered French press in the sink. It’s enough to make any classic playwright’s day a living hell.

No matter how careful you are, glass shatters eventually.

The Unbreakable Steel French Press

The answer is a stainless steel French press. At $60 without the sale, this on Amazon costs a bit more than your average glass French press. But you buy it once and you’re set for life. There’s also this insulated steel French press available for about $45.

Plastic French Presses for Lightweight Camping

There are also plastic French presses available that are ideal for camping and backpacking. We do like their lightweight appeal, but could do without that plastic flavor for kitchen Ohio coffee. In the woods, however, plastic is light and fabulous.