Seasonal Coffees Make Mornings More Dynamic

We’ve all got a favorite coffee – our go-to comfort cup that gives us exactly what we need. Whether it’s a flavored decaf coffee for a late-night indulgence, or a super-dark breakfast blend to get going in the morning, there’s a reason almost every home has a coffee maker on the kitchen counter. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to… but are you sure you’re not just in a coffee rut? There’s a whole world of coffee out there; why not switch it up? And what better excuse to change up your coffee choices than the changing weather of a new season?

Keeping Cool in the Summer with Cold Brew & Iced Coffees

Cold brews, nitros and iced coffees have skyrocketed in popularity in the last 20 years. Is it that summers are becoming more sweltering? Or just that cold brew coffees are objectively delicious? Dip a toe in the cold-coffee waters and cold brew your favorite Yirgacheffe coffee. Or try our cold brew coffee blend, curated and roasted specifically to make a delicious cup of cold brew any time of year. 

There are a bunch of cool (pun intended) things about cold brew coffee that make it a great choice for your summer caffeine fixes. First, zero out of ten people want to be in 90-degree weather drinking a 120-degree drink. Second, cold brew coffee has more caffeine than its hot counterpart, because it’s steeped for so much longer. Third, a batch of cold brew coffee will last over a week in the fridge… unless you drink it all.

Pro-tip: Pour a cup of cold brew over an ice tray and make yourself some coffee ice cubes. No more watered-down iced coffees! Try Silver Bridge Coffee Company’s Cold Brew Coffee Blend, curated specifically to get the best coffee flavors out of your at-home cold brews.

Sweater Weather Vibes with Pumpkin Spice Coffee

If you’re a Millennial or a Gen Z, you probably don’t remember a fall without the pumpkin spice coffee craze. By far the most popular seasonal coffee, pumpkin spice coffee is almost a season in and of itself. Evoking autumn harvests, chilly nights and turning leaves, coffees with dark, sweet, spiced notes are perfect for those Fall months.

And pumpkin spice isn’t the only great choice for Fall-flavored coffees. Some of our favorite coffee flavors for fall are Cinnamon-Hazelnut, Southern Pecan and our cinnamon-caramel infused Sticky Bun. If the Fall days don’t cool off quickly enough for a hot, steamy cup of Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee, consider purchasing a pumpkin or cinnamon natural syrup to add to your cold brew coffee.

Staying Warm in the Winter with Decaf Flavored Coffees

While people arguably need more caffeine in the winters – you know; because of the dark and the cold – decaf coffees are a great alternative to hot chocolate or tea. Decaf flavored coffee beans can give you the same warmth and sweetness as a hot chocolate, but without all the milk, sugar and chocolate.

At Silver Bridge Coffee, we source water-processed decaffeinated coffee beans; a chemical-free decaffeination process that results in the tastiest, boldest decaf roast you’ve ever had. For our flavored coffees and flavored decaf coffees, we add the most natural flavors on the market today, and source organic flavors whenever possible. All our flavored decaf coffee is gluten free, vegan and kosher certified. 

The most popular choice for winter coffees at Silver Bridge is our Snow Angel coffee, which features a delicious blend of vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, and caramel. Another popular wintery flavor for coffee is chocolate mint; it tastes of holiday cheer. Just like Fall is recognized by a seasonal coffee flavor, so is the Christmas season. This is a great time to try (or gift a loved one) a coffee advent calendar or a 12-days-of-coffee sampler pack. 

Whether it’s German chocolate cake, chocolate mint or salted caramel, keep warm and away from that holiday weight gain with naturally-flavored decaf coffees. When it’s shorts season again, you’ll be glad you did. Wish you could be in the tropical sun rather than a blizzard? Try our Tropical Delight or Coconut Crème coffee. Longing for strawberry or peach season? Try our Summer Berry or Peach Cobbler flavored coffees. If you’re curious about all these coffees and can’t decide, consider Silver Bridge Coffee’s Sunshine Sampler; a tropical flavored coffee sampler pack!

As winter winds down and Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s always stress around what to gift your partner. Step away from the standard, calorie-heavy box of chocolates, and gift them the sugar-free, no-cal treat of our Raspberry Truffle or Chocolate Cherry flavored coffees in regular, decaf or K Cup® pods.

Fruity Flavored Coffees for When Spring has Sprung

What are the signs that the darkness of Winter is waning and Spring is on its way? Sunny days, cool spring rains, sprouting flowers, and the promise of produce actually looking and tasting alive again. Let’s be honest; the strawberries at the grocery store in February are a sad shadow of the ones you can get in April and May.

You might not think that fruit and coffee go together, but with the right flavors, complementary beans and artisan roasting, they totally do. Coffee is technically a fruit, after all – it’s not too far a stretch that a summery berry blend, peach-flavored beans or a chocolate raspberry-flavored coffee would be a great way to switch up your morning coffee ritual and get ready for Summer.

Year-Round Favorites at Silver Bridge Coffee Company

We put in the same amount of choice, care and skill into every one of our coffee roast creations. We locally roast all our coffees in small batches and hand-write the roasting date on every bag. Our flavored coffees are all naturally-flavored, sugar-free, gluten-free, and Kosher. Our decaffeinated coffee beans are water-processed, which makes for a rich roast that will change your mind on what great flavored decaf coffee means.

Still, everybody’s got their favorites, and our customers definitely have a couple. The Mothman Blend, so named for local West Virginia legend, is popular all over Southern Ohio. A legend in and of itself, this carefully-crafted blend of African coffees brews into a rich, intense and bold cup of coffee. It’s great for the morning, but Mothman coffee is also awesome as a single-serve pod decaf nightcap.

Another coffee popular year round is Highlander Grogg. You can’t walk into a local coffee shop in Ohio without finding Highlander Grogg coffee. A medium-roast, butterscotch-and-rum flavored coffee, the sweet complexity of this coffee is another regional staple, and it’s great hot or cold.

If we got you curious about doing a bit of seasonal coffee exploration, a great place to start is one of our coffee samplers, or our coffee of the month club. Silver Bridge Coffee also celebrates the winter holidays with coffee advent calendars, available in regular and flavored varieties. The unflavored coffee advent calendars feature single origins and blends, including one day of 100% Kona coffee. These coffee sampler calendars make a great gift, or something fun to do at home as you count down to Christmas. Our flavored coffee advent calendars feature flavors released in the last year, in case you missed Spring favorites like Frosted Wedding Cake coffee, or sunny flavors like Summer Berry. Whether you’re looking for a k cup® calendar for just a single taste of our coffees, or a full-pot sampler to share with the family, try Silver Bridge Coffee samplers in flavored, single origin, blends, decaf, and more.