The Ultimate Coffee Advent Calendar 25 Full Pots Of Coffee with 100% Kona

The Ultimate Coffee Advent Calendar 

25 Delicious Full pots of Coffee

Includes Both 100% Kona & New, Never Released Flavor

*Also Includes A $5 Gift Card Good On A Future Purchase*

*This Advent Calendar Ships For Free*

Enjoy a delicious pot of coffee every morning as you count down to Christmas. This is a great way to treat yourself or delight a coffee lover in your life with the ultimate coffee sampling experience. Each day you pull back the tab to see what pot of coffee you get to enjoy today. Each pack is 1.5 oz so it makes a full 10-12 cup pot of coffee.  The Advent Calendar includes Blends, Single Origins and Flavors including our special seasonal flavors. 

These Coffee Advent Calendars are Limited so order TODAY.

Orders placed before September 30th will ship out the Friday of the week ordered. 


Cold Brew Blend

Chilled Elixir: Cold Brew Blend  Introducing our Cold Brew Blend, meticulously crafted to redefine your cold coffee experience. This blend is an ode to the art of cold brewing, carefully curated to unlock the full spectrum of flavors and textures when served chilled. With a velvety smoothness that caresses the palate and a dynamic flavor profile that dances on the taste buds, each sip of Cold Brew Blend is an invitation to indulge in pure refreshment. Delight in its unparalleled smoothness, as it glides effortlessly across the senses, leaving behind a luxurious velvet finish that lingers with every sip. Free from any hint of bitterness, this blend is a testament to the harmonious union of quality beans and expert craftsmanship. Embrace the cool sophistication of Cold Brew Blend and elevate your cold coffee ritual to new heights of enjoyment. 

Papua New Guinea

Experience the tropics with our single origin Papua New Guinea coffee. 100% Arabica coffee beans, this sweet and savory medium roast boasts a heavy body.