The Amazing Cinnamon Flavor of Our Pumpkin Spice K Cup Alternatives

There’s nothing like waking up to a crisp fall morning with an amazing cup of coffee. Our Pumpkin Spice, available in our K Cup alternative, single serve Kups, serves up the best aromas and flavors of fall. The autumn taste of pumpkin with just a hint of cinnamon brings out the cozy feel of the season, steaming hot like a pumpkin pie fresh from the oven.

Yet many of our customers prefer to enjoy this flavor year round. Pumpkin and cinnamon spice taste good any time of year, though in fall, the combination is especially satisfying.

Green Single Serving Pods Packed with Flavor

And like most Pumpkin spice K Cups, our Kups are compatible with all major single serve brewers including Keurig®, Breville®, Mr. Coffee® and Cuisinart®. But they are 100% recyclable, so they don’t contribute to the waste stream. And since they also have 20% more grounds than most single serve coffee pods on the market, the flavor is noticeably richer. Feel free to use that large cup setting on your machine. The coffee will not taste watered down.

Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with the simple press of a button. When you’re on the go, the convenience of Kups makes all the difference. You don’t have to compromise quality for the convenience of your Keurig machine. You can enjoy the quality of a coffee shop in the convenience of your own kitchen.