Silver Bridge Coffee has an excellent selection of decaf single cups for your Keurig® style brewer. We roast our water processed decaffeinated coffee with the same care as our regular coffee. While the decaf coffee is still fresh, we grind and put into our single serve cups at our facility. Filling the cups with freshly roasted coffee will up the quality of the decaf coffee that you produce from your Keurig® style brewer. We are confident that this will restore you faith in how delicious decaf coffee can taste in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can still drink artisan roasted, water processed decaf in your single serve cups. Also the decaf single serve cups you purchase from Silver Bridge Coffee are recyclable. We also offer a wide selection of flavored decaf coffee single serve cups as well. We are confident this will be the best tasting decaf in single serve cups you can purchase today.

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