Our Online Coffee Supports Family Farms

Why should you order online coffee that’s also naturally and sustainably grown and great for the communities that help produce it? For starters, it’s delicious. When you buy our coffee, you can be sure your coffee was grown without fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful products. Beyond flavor, naturally grown coffee also guarantees you are helping to contribute good to the world by supporting farms that enrich and sustain families.

Natural Farming for Healthier Communities

When you order organic coffee online, you are supporting community development. You make it possible for a coffee farmer to have a sustainable livelihood. That means our farms use safe farming practices that give back to the earth, and in turn, help to save and conserve the planet.

Perhaps even more importantly, you are supporting Ohio development. By choosing locally roasted Ohio coffee, you are helping a small, family Ohio business and contributing to your local community, your state. We are proudly an Ohio woman owned business who believes in supporting the local economy of Ohio. By purchasing coffee grown on small family farms using natural methods that is locally roasted by Ohio artisan roasters, you are doing your part.

We believe in small businesses and the growth of Ohio’s economy. That’s probably why Governor Kasich’s administration appointed owner Lorraine Walker to Ohio’s Small Business Advisory Council. She is also a proud member of The National Association of Women Business Owners.

Supporting the Women of Café Femenino

We believe in helping to foster the communities that support us. That’s why Silver Bridge sells several varieties of Café Femenino, a woman-run coffee cooperative in Peru that uses the sales of their coffee to promote social change for women. Sales from Cafe Femenino help fund grants for women and their families in Peru, Columbia, and Guatemala. Their profits help provide water, shelter and improve sanitation for family farms.

Have a positive effect in the world by drinking coffee that gives back to the farmer, the earth, and the world. Feel great drinking some of the finest coffees in the world from Silver Bridge Coffee.