Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee: A Kahlua, Hazelnut and Caramel Blend

Want an extra special blend of coffee? Try a signature blend of coffee that already has Kahlua flavor blended into the beans. That describes our Jamaican Me Crazy coffee perfectly. It blends the flavors of caramel, hazelnut and Kahlua with one of our fresh signature blends. We use a cutting-edge and natural flavoring system so you won’t have any nasty chemical aftertaste. Just one sip and you’ll understand why it is, without a doubt, our best selling flavor.

Flavor So Smooth you’ll wonder how we did it

The taste of our Jamaican Me Crazy signature blend is so bold you will likely wonder just why it is so good. It’s not magic, nor luck. The flavor starts with our high quality beans, hand selected from the finest South American coffee growers. We use the most natural flavoring system on the market today and add it to our artisan roasted coffee. In fact, each bag has a handwritten roast date on the back. Add to that the most natural flavoring system available on the market and the result is a very flavorful and unique cup of coffee.

Silver Bridge is an Ohio coffee company that believes in the local economy. We support small farmers who use sustainable practices because we believe in supporting families. We feature wholesale coffee discounts and offer private labeling and branding. Our coffee is regularly sold at local farmers markets.