Our Version of the Highlander Grogg K-Cup®: Meet the Kup

Highlander Grogg K-Cups® are an ideal way to get a quick and perfect cup of Highlander Grogg featuring hints of rum and butterscotch. But there is a lot of waste, as the trademark brand of K-Cups are not recyclable. The good news is our Highlander Grogg Kups deliver the same convenient perfection but are 100 percent recyclable. Enjoy the convenience of a coffee pod without the waste or guilt and 100 percent guaranteed to be a delicious and flavorful cup of coffee.

What’s the secret to this popular coffee? First, we start with the finest beans, hand selected and naturally grown on small family farms in South America. Then we roast the beans ourselves. Our Ohio roasters are professionally certified through the Specialty Coffee Association and we’re active members of the Roasters Guild. The beans are ground, placed in the pod cups and delivered right to your door to ensure absolute freshness. Plus, we flavor our Kups, similar to K-Cups, using the most natural flavoring systems available, so there’s no chemical aftertaste. We deliver a truly indulgent coffee without the calories.

Our Kups Are Compatible with Single Serve Brewers

Like most Highlander Grogg K Cups, our Highlander Grogg Kups are compatible with all major single serve brewers including Keurig®, Breville®, Mr. Coffee® and Cuisinart®, though we are not associated with any of these companies. Plus, our single serve packages carry 20 percent more grounds than most K-Cup® brands, so you’re getting a richer flavor each time. Go ahead and press the large oz setting on your brewer with our Kups – we guarantee a fresh and full flavor with no watered down taste. We are confident you’ll love this coffee. Trust us.

Silver Bridge features individually selected beans from the finest coffee growers in the world. Our coffee is delivered to you at the freshest date possible.