Our Highlander Grogg Coffee: Perfect for a Crackling Fireplace

Highlander Grogg coffee delivers a taste of Scotland to your coffee cup. Combining the flavors of butterscotch, rum and just a hint of vanilla, this Silver Bridge signature blend is one of our best selling flavors. Made with high grade South American coffee, we feature the finest hand selected beans, roasted and delivered to your door as quick as possible. Every bag has a handwritten roast date on the back.

Non-Alcoholic but Perfect for Any Party

The word grog refers to any variety of alcoholic beverages. Though our coffees are of course non-alcoholic, our Highlander grogg with its blends of butterscotch and rum taste like a holiday drink. Guaranteed to warm you up when the temperatures cool down, our Highlander Grogg is a delicious flavor for fall or winter time with a warm fire crackling in the background.

A specialized Ohio Coffee company, Silver Bridge imports the finest fair trade and organic coffees from all over the world. Our beans are specially selected by certified roasters. Coffee is delivered to you as fresh as possible. We support local, sustainable farmers and support their local economic development. Silver Bridge Coffee is a member of the SCAA and Fair Trade USA.