Coffee Made from What? 3 Gross Mochas We Can Do Without

At Silver Bridge, we believe in a delicious cup of coffee, but there are some bizarre coffee concoctions best left to the pages of this blog than brewed in our kitchen. We’ll take a nice cup of Pumpkin Spice K Cups than something brewed from the poo of a Southeast Asian cat any day.

Even if they are organic, here are 3 weird coffee varieties we can do without.

Kopi Luwak Cat Poo Coffee

Kopi Luwak or civet coffee might be the rarest cup of coffee in the world, but you won’t find a drop of it in our kitchen. It’s brewed from the feces of a coffee bean munching cat. The beans are chemically altered by enzymes in the cat’s digestive tract, just as the chemicals in your stomach are likely altered after reading this.

If you can get over the kitty poo factor, there’s absolutely no acidic taste, due to the proteins involved. But we think we’ll just keep our $50, thank you very much. That’s what a cup of cat poo coffee goes for. Want to buy a pound for your brother in law for Christmas? That will cost you $300.

Monkey Spit Delicious?

Most people think monkey spit and coffee shouldn’t go together, and we tend to agree. But on one Thai island, it’s considered a delicacy. Formosan Rock Monkeys raided coffee farms on the island to get their caffeine fix. Farmers long considered them a nuisance, until it was discovered that the beans sucked by the monkeys had a nice vanilla flavor.

Apparently monkey spit brew is a highly sought culinary delight, as it can cost you $27 for just 8 ounces. Harvests range from about 8 to 600 pounds every year.

Low in Acidity, High in Elephant Droppings

The best part of waking up- coffee from an elephant’s butt? Perhaps even less appetizing than monkey poo coffee, Black Ivory coffee is harvested in Thailand from the dung of elephants. (Hate your job? It could be worse). It produces a delicate but complex taste without any bitterness.

But Silver Bridge, we believe great coffee shouldn’t come out of the butt of anything. We’ve found that the highest quality South American beans, hand selected and locally roasted to preserve their freshness, produces a great cup. We guarantee you’ll love our coffee from the first sip.

Enjoy a real cup of coffee instead, try ordering our Pumpkin Spice K Cups!