Love Candy Bar Flavored Coffee? Give These Blends a Try!

For holidays, special occasions, in the afternoon or the weekend, ordinary and unflavored coffee just won’t do. Relax with an indulgent cup of candy bar flavored coffee without the guilt of extra calories and sugar. It combines a hint of sweet with dark flavors to create a rich treat – like a dessert in your cup.

Why is our Candy Bar Flavored coffee one of our best selling coffees we offer? Our Candy Bar Crush coffee blends the flavors of chocolate, caramel and almond nougat to create an exquisite coffee that’s practically dessert. We use the most natural flavoring systems available, so you get an authentic taste of candy without an acidic after flavor. Try the best coffee you’ve ever tasted: a caffeinated candy bar in a cup.

Silver Bridge features several coffee blends that taste as good as a candy bar. Our Salted Caramel carries just a hint of creamy vanilla and caramel to satisfy your sugar and salt craving without the guilt. Are you a cinnamon fan? Then try our Cinnamon Sticky Bun flavored with hints of caramel and cinnamon. It fills your house with the aromas of homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. For the chocoholic, our Chocolate Cherry coffee tastes like coffee covered cherries melting in your cup. And our Southern Pecan coffee tastes like pie for breakfast – without the calories! No sugar is added!

Coffee as Good as Dessert

These coffees perfectly pair with dessert, or taste splendid just by themselves. We ship them as soon as they are roasted with the freshness sealed inside. Perfect for the holidays, the weekend, early afternoon or just to relax with friends, these coffees take flavor to a new level of gourmet, perfectly fresh and indulgent, without the guilt, from the very first sip.