Best K-Cup Coffee Alternative? Meet the Kup®

What’s the best K-Cup® coffee alternative? A ready to go coffee pod that may not technically carry the K Cup label. K Cups are extremely convenient. You can make a great cup of coffee with less effort than it takes to make toast. But many K Cups are also terrible for the environment. The original K Cup is almost impossible to recycle. That’s why its inventor John Sylvan infamously regretted he ever invented them.

Better than K Cup

But you can actually get better than a K Cup with a coffee that’s ready to go in a pod that’s also recyclable. Silver Bridge’s kups are compatible with all major single serve coffee brewers such as Keurig®, Breville®, Mr. Coffee® and Cuisinart®*. They are packaged and sent to you immediately after roasting for a fresher taste. No more guessing how long those other K Cup brands have been on the shelf. Silver Bridge also packs 20% more coffee than most brands to create a richer flavor you can taste from the first sip.

Though we are not affiliated with those coffee makers, we understand how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Our freshness is obvious from our rich aroma and satisfying bold taste. Our goal is to have our coffee go from our roaster to your coffee cup in the shortest amount of time.