4 Coffee Gadgets to Take Your Coffee Craze to the Next Level

What do we love even better than coffee? Gadgets that improve the art of coffee. You thought that Mr. Coffee machine was enough? Yeah right. Your kitchen needs these coffee accessories now to take your coffee hobby to a whole different level.

Microwave Espresso

No, you don’t need an expensive espresso machine wasting valuable counter space to enjoy espresso. With Piamo, you can enjoy espresso fresh from the microwave. The cup comes with a water chamber and a filter. You fill the chamber with water, insert a pad or the grounds of your favorite organic espresso, flip it around and place in the microwave. The heating causes pressure to vent the water through the coffee creating a great tasting espresso in about 30 seconds.

Burning Cup

Iced coffee you drink, cold coffee you put in the microwave. Thanks to the Burning Cup, you’ll never have to worry about cold coffee again. Just push a button to activate its heating system, and it heats your coffee for you, no microwave required.

The Coffee Alarm Clock

Can’t face the morning without your coffee? Now you don’t have to. The Barisieur takes the forces of good and evil- great coffee and an alarm clock- and brings them together for an absolute utopia. Who needs to hit the snooze when you can immediately hit the brew?

A Handheld Espresso Machine

A handheld espresso machine? We’ll take it. The Handpresso lets you make espresso on the go. As the name implies, it’s handheld and about the size of an 1980s era flashlight. It plugs into a car outlet. Finally, an espresso machine for your wallet, briefcase, or pocket. Never leave the house without it.