3 Creative Coffee Cups to Inspire Your Kitchen

Coffee, coffee everywhere, so many cups to drink. That pretty much describes my kitchen. On any given morning, I’ve got at least six or seven blends of coffee in jars on the counter, ranging from Sumatra to Highlander Grogg to Southern Pecan and Pumpkin Spice. We live and breathe coffee in our house. In fact, our mornings depend on it.

Which is why my other passion is coffee mugs. I can’t drink coffee out of just any mug. It’s got to be a little unusual, a piece of art in itself. Thanks to the Internet, I discovered quite a few coffee cups that practically reinvent the concept.

The Coffee Mug that Never Needs a Coaster

This coffee mug comes with a handle that makes the cup hover over its own coaster, so you can confidently set that cup on your Steinway piano and not worry about leaving a stain. Its dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Nordic Wooden Cup

Perfect for camping, this Nordic wooden cup comes on a string and can be hung from your belt for camping convenience. You never know when you’ll find a surprise cup of coffee, so it’s always a good idea to have a cup handy. The minimalist design will appeal to your inner Viking.

The Ninja Mug

Channel your inner Ninja on a Saturday morning. The Ninja Mug features all the accouterments for coffee stealth: a throwing star coaster, and katana spoon along with the ninja mask coffee coozie. Only a true master stirs his coffee with a Ninja sword spoon. Deadly and delicious.